I finally found it! I’ve been searching since I read about it at Speech Room News here.

One way to make it easy to adapt Cariboo for articulation therapy is to insert the cards found on Mommy Speech Therapy. There, you can click on most any articulation sound and get a page of Boardmaker pictures containing that sound. Most sounds have initial, medial, and final position provided on the website!

If you print the artic cards and laminate them, they are the perfect size to fit in the slots for Cariboo!


As you can see, my client was working on /k/ in the initial and final position.

To play, you pick a card (provided with the game). Each card has a color, number, letter, or shape on it. You need to match the card to one of the articulation pictures on one of the doors. Then, use the purple key to open the door and try to collect all of the bouncy balls! One you find all of them and slide them down the tube on the right, the treasure chest pops open! I’ve used it a couple times in therapy so far, but many of my classmates have already borrowed it as well! It’s definitely worth the $3 if you can pick one up at a thrift store!


4 thoughts on “Cariboo!

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