Yummy Irregular Verbs!

Everybody loves cupcakes, right?! My most recent upload is a cupcake themed game targeting irregular past tense verbs.


Multiple games can be played with this packet including:

1) A Matching Game: Play memory with cupcakes. Match the tops and bottoms of cupcakes to match present and past tense verbs!


2) Name That Verb!: A game where each player picks a cupcake with a present tense verb. If the player can name the past tense verb, they get to keep the card. If they pick a number card, they must give that number of cards to another player.


3) Last, there are included cards with 2 sentences per card. One sentence requires the verb on the card, and the other requires the child to put the verb into the past tense. The child can match the sentence cards to their respective cupcakes or use them individually in a game.


There is also a worksheet for students to record their sentence productions.


Download the preview packet here to see examples of cards and a word list!

You can check out my TPT Store for other speech related materials!


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