Jack and the Beanstalk Companion Packet

This material is very similar to my Cinderella Companion Packet!


This 98 page file is filled with companion activities for two books. These books are not included with the purchase and may be purchased separately (if desired, see note below).

1) Jack And The Beanstalk
2) Trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks!

**Note: Most activities can be done without the second book. The first book can also be substituted for a free online video that reads the story out loud. Therefore, if desired, nothing additional would need to be purchased other than this packet itself!!

There are activities, worksheets, and/or game cards included for the following topics:

Sorting By Color
Character Description
Describing A Process
Conversation Starters
Following Directions (One Step and Two Step)
Is vs Are
Story Comprehension
Point of View

Also included are:
Cover Cards
Empty Cards
Reward Tokens
Score Sheet
Game Board
Game Pieces
Foil Cards

Sample pictures are below:






If this looks like something you would be interested, you can find it in my TPT Store here.

Thank you!! 🙂


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