Make A Silly Story!

This packet targets narratives, sequencing, story elements, and categories! All in one! 🙂 It prompts the student to tell or write a creative story after picking a person, place and a thing to involve in the story!


To Play:
Decide who goes first. Have that student flip over one card at a time (orange, then blue, then purple). When all three are flipped over and put on the mat, they should create a creative story incorporating all three elements. If they do that correctly, they return their cards to the bottom of the deck and earn a point.
If they get an foil card, their turn is over. They should return the cards to the bottom of the deck.

Other Ways to Play
–You can use this to target categories! Have the child sort through the cards and find the ones that go together. For example, the cowboy would go with the boots, sheriff badge, cactus, etc…
–Have the child look through the cards and choose any three to write/tell a creative story about. No game needed!
–Pull three cards and have the child say if those items go together or do not go together. Have them explain why or why not! They could list items that could be used instead if they do not go together.
–There are included worksheets for describing the main idea of your story, the problem, the solution, and sequencing the events of your story!

-8 people cards
-8 place cards
-24 thing cards
-1 page of foil cards
-1 page of pick anything cards
-4 pages of worksheets

See sample pictures below:




If this looks like a packet you could use in your speech room, head on over to my TpT Store here.

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Thank you!


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