Let’s Talk! Conversation Game

I’m always looking for more materials that work on conversation! If you do too, read on! Maybe this packet is what you’re looking for!


Why this game?
It imitates natural conversation while providing a visual and something tangible to help visualize the flow of conversation!
It provides practice asking questions, making comments, taking turns, and having a conversation about a variety of topics!

What does this game include?
-2 pages of ‘conversation cards’ (i.e.: ask a question, make a comment, make 2 comments, make a comment then ask a question)
-36 conversation topic cards & 9 blank cards for customization

How do I play?
Make two piles of cards: one for orange cards, one for blue conversation topic cards.

Have the dealer shuffle 6 blue cards to each player and flip over one orange (topic) card.

The dealer goes first. He or she should lay down one of his blue cards. See key below for examples:

Comment: I love summer!
Question: What season do you like?
Two Comments: I love summer. My family always goes to the beach.
Comment + Question: I love going to the beach. Have you ever gone to the beach?

Play/conversation continues in a clockwise fashion. The next player should lay down a blue card and respond to the first player appropriately.

If a player gets stuck or responds inappropriately, they have to draw another blue card from the pile and their turn is over.

The first person to get rid of their hand wins!
(or just play for fun)

You can see some sample pictures below:



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