Teachers Pay Teachers vs Teachers Notebook

I spent much of this past weekend uploading all of my products into my new Teachers Notebook store! So for those of you Teachers Notebook-ers, you can find my new store here. It is filled with the same speechy materials as my Teachers Pay Teachers store, in case Teacher’s Notebook is more convenient for you!

TpT vs TN

So what exactly is the difference between Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers you might ask??

Really… not much. But below are the basics from what I can tell so far:

Teachers Pay Teachers
More traffic
The paying structure for sellers is a bit different (get paid in quarters, there is a premium and a basic account, etc…)
Personal opinion, but I think it’s visually less appealing

Teachers Notebook
Less traffic
Less sellers
Has a great Pinterest account (your items get automatically added to the proper boards which is awesome!!)
Really great layout
After paying a one-time membership, .30 is taken off every order plus taxes
Has a ‘Speech Therapy’ label!! (really easy to search for speech therapy stores/products)
So why don’t you hear about the wonderful Teachers Notebook more? Honestly, probably because most of us bloggers are already very overwhelmed with the options available to us! For example, if I make a new material, I make a blog post about it, share the post on Twitter and Facebook, make a pin about it on Pinterest, upload the product to Teachers Pay Teachers and then Teachers Notebook. Many bloggers and TpT creators don’t want another additional step! But regardless, I think you should investigate Teachers Notebook. At the very least, the search feature might pop up some new results and materials you can add to your speech room!
The most important commonality between the two is that by using TpT or TN, you are supporting real people who dedicate much of their time to create great materials instead of buying from a big box company! Every time I search on either website, I am amazed at the amount of high quality and affordable materials!

Compare my stores and see which you like better: Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.

Enjoy, and happy shopping 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Teachers Pay Teachers vs Teachers Notebook

  1. I definitely like the TN layout better! I was on TpT a lot over the weekend (for my first time) trying to find more goodies to use with one of my clients, and I was having such a hard time searching. Just by clicking the “Speech Therapy” option on TN, I already found a bunch of things I like just on the first page of products. I will continue to use both sites though because unfortunately I’m not one of those lucky SLP grad students that got a heavy dose of creativity, so I love the help I get from these sites.

    Another great, helpful post! Love your blog

  2. Hi All:
    Full disclosure, I’m a representative of Teachers Notebook. We make it a point to keep on top of teacher blogs to learn more and more every day about what’s on your minds so we can better serve your needs, and of course it helps to be sure that you understand how Teachers Notebook works.

    The comments here are pretty accurate. All in all the pricing model at Teachers Notebook is pretty close to TPT. We’re a bit better with your profit potential — you take home more money on a purchase than on TPT. Similar to TPT we offer free shops and premium shops.

    This year Teachers Notebook has made substantial improvements to the customer experience and shop owner experience, and we continue to do so. Hopefully, if you are a Teachers Notebook user, you have seen the major improvements we’ve done to search, the layout, promotional tools, and other features that serve to give your products quick unique exposure. We realize the challenge is to get your products seen when there are many products on the site, but we feel that our smaller size versus some other competitors gives you the advantage of having better odds of being discovered by customers.

    Most importantly, we strive to work hands-on with our teacher-authors to help you promote your products effectively, and we are happy to correspond with you to give tips on how to present your product optimally and how to market (as well as build a network with other teacher bloggers). We are here to help you, and hopefully that special outreach to you builds a fruitful relationship between you and Teachers Notebook. We love our teachers, and we at Teachers Notebook want you help you succeed!

    There are some features now and coming very soon that I think you will find interesting. Teacher Video tips, Daily Deals and a few more really helpful features to be announced thus summer

    Sorry for the marketing spiel, but hopefully that helps a bit. Please visit and ask us more questions

    Teachers Notebook

  3. Thanks so much! I am on TPT, and just didn’t know about branching out or not. I think I’m going to give it a go! Have you tried Ed World? I’m curious, but like you said, a bit overwhelmed.

  4. I have just started a TPT store and had found about TN after that. I was wondering if it is okay to upload the same products to both TN and TPT? Pricing strategies will have to be different right? I did see a blogger with both TPT and TN store and upon investigation, I found that she did have same products on both stores but some were differently priced. Any input in this area will be appreciated!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

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