Pocket SLP Apps Rock!

I’ve been using these apps so much lately… They are great AND affordable, so I would recommend them to everybody, including the grad students reading this! They are worth it! I only have four Pocket SLP apps so far, but hope to continue accumulating them!

1) Describe It! 

Describe It! is a great app that sort of reminds me of Catch Phrase. Except for several important differences. First, the items to guess are very child friendly. Second, there are prompts if the child cannot think of a description, and last, it is customizable. Below are some screen shots so you can see how it works:

When you open the app, the home screen looks like the picture below. I have checked two topics (food and animals) as examples.

photo (11)

After beginning the ‘Pass It’ game, the screen looks like the picture below. If your student presses one of the buttons on the bottom row, it reads a hint aloud. I always imagined this would not only be a great feature for those kiddos who need a little more help, but also for nonverbal kids who want to play too! Each small, red number stands for the number of hints available in each category!

photo (12)

You can also play this game using the ‘Guess It’ feature. That means the picture is not provided and your student must listen to the hints to try and figure out what it is! See the picture below for an example.

photo (13)

Overall: Both my clients and I love this game. I’ve actually had kiddos request to play this during their free time – a true test of how fun this game is! It’s laid out really well. My only complaint is that sometimes, if you choose too many categories, it can be confusing what the picture actually is. For example, if there is a person in a grocery store shopping, the child might think it was ‘shopping’, ‘clerk’, ‘grocery store’, or ‘food’. Other than that, I love this game and I would absolutely recommend it. 

2) Pocket Artic

Pocket Artic is an articulation app that targets all of the phonemes seen below. When you open up a client’s page, you can select the phonemes they are working on.

photo (3)

After you’ve selected the targeted sounds, you will see a page that looks something like this. I love how the target sound is in red. You can see a place to mark each answer as correct, wrong, or approximated. You can also bring up the word in a phrase or a sentence. See the next three pictures as examples!

photo (4)


photo (5)

photo (6)


Overview: This app is a really great addition to your iPad because it really makes articulation therapy easier. For me, this app has allowed me to focus on cueing strategies instead of finding the right card, taking data on another form, and constantly switching between materials that use words, phrases, and sentences. This app allows you to fluidly move between all of those, target only the phonemes you want, and take data all in one place! I love it! It is also really intuitive, and allows for additional features such as recording your voice.

3) The “R” App

The “R” App is just like Pocket Artic except it only targets R. Who would have guessed?! 🙂 Below are some screen shots:

photo (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)

Overview: Because it is so similar to Pocket Artic, please read my review above for why I think this app is great. I do LOVE the visuals of how to make R in the mouth (shown above) because sometimes it is just easier to understand after you see it!

4) One Step, Two Step

One Step, Two Step is an app that’s primary purpose is for following directions. When you open the app, it looks like the screenshot below. You can see a variety of themed pages. There are even more than shown below!


After choosing a scene, a page similar to the one below appears.

photo (1)

As shown, you can drag and drop shapes onto the page (e.g.: Put the square on the cloud). You can also color specific parts of the page (e.g.: Color the trees green). You can also use preprogrammed directions; that is the box I have opened in the screen shot above. These correlate to the difficulty level you choose when you open a specific scene (either easy or hard).

You can take data on correct or incorrect responses on the page, and after you are done you can export a data sheet that looks like the one shown below:

photo (2)

Overview: I like this app a lot, although I will admit I use it less than the others. I have found that while this app is motivating for many of my students, some are more motivated by other apps that I’ve used to target following directions. The one thing this app does that those other apps don’t is take data and provide preprogrammed phrases!

Would I get these apps again?? Yes! Pocket SLP apps are priced right! They are functional, useful, and target useful goals! They have helped me immensely and tend to be very motivating for my clients. To read about more of their apps, check out their website here. Thank you Pocket SLP!


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