Bear Snores On Book Companion Packet

I LOVE book companion packs! I needed one to address some vocabulary needs for a couple of my clients and thus, created one for ‘Bear Snores On’ by Karma Wilson. You can find it in my TpT Store here.


The packet includes:
Pages 2-3: Cover Cards: Helps to label each deck and keep you organized!
Pages 4-7: Comprehension: 18 comprehension questions on individual game cards.
Pages 8-10: Conversation Starters: 10 cards that spark discussion about the book and friendship.
Pages 11-13: Write Your Own: 8-quarter sheets for your students to make their own version of Bear Snores On in madlib style! Great for homework, narrative skills, and additional story retell practice.
Pages 14-30: Vocabulary Cards: Match the term to its definition. Contains blank cards for customization.
Pages 31-33: Sorting Mats for Vocabulary: Contains 1 blank page for customization. One page requires your students to sort nouns from verbs from adjectives.
Pages 34-41: Sentence Unscramble: Unscramble sentences from the book to find out how each animal arrived to the cave.
Pages 42-43: Simple cards for each character and item from the book. Can be used for sequencing, basic concepts, following directions, interacting during story retell, etc…
Pages 44-45: Sequencing: Sequence the events from the sentence unscramble!

See sample pictures for each section below:














Thank you! Again, if this seems like something you could use in your speech room, head over on over to my TpT store here and check it out!

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