Conversation Phone Text Messages

This 15-page packet contains 81 cell phones cards that prompt your student to respond to a comment or question! Each comment or question looks like it is a text message from a specific person (mom, dad, friend, classmate, etc..).


There is an included visual mat that may help some students decide how to respond (with a comment, question, or response). It could also help get your students to explain why they responded a certain way.


Great for social skill or pragmatics goals!

Watch out for shattered screen cards!


If this looks like a product you could use in your speech room, check it out in my TpT Store here.



Make A Silly Story!

This packet targets narratives, sequencing, story elements, and categories! All in one! 🙂 It prompts the student to tell or write a creative story after picking a person, place and a thing to involve in the story!


To Play:
Decide who goes first. Have that student flip over one card at a time (orange, then blue, then purple). When all three are flipped over and put on the mat, they should create a creative story incorporating all three elements. If they do that correctly, they return their cards to the bottom of the deck and earn a point.
If they get an foil card, their turn is over. They should return the cards to the bottom of the deck.

Other Ways to Play
–You can use this to target categories! Have the child sort through the cards and find the ones that go together. For example, the cowboy would go with the boots, sheriff badge, cactus, etc…
–Have the child look through the cards and choose any three to write/tell a creative story about. No game needed!
–Pull three cards and have the child say if those items go together or do not go together. Have them explain why or why not! They could list items that could be used instead if they do not go together.
–There are included worksheets for describing the main idea of your story, the problem, the solution, and sequencing the events of your story!

-8 people cards
-8 place cards
-24 thing cards
-1 page of foil cards
-1 page of pick anything cards
-4 pages of worksheets

See sample pictures below:




If this looks like a packet you could use in your speech room, head on over to my TpT Store here.

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Thank you!

My Favorite FREE TpT Downloads

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**Warning: This is a LONG post!

Most of you know that I’m a poor graduate student. So I rely on some of the amazing, FREE downloads available on TpT to supplement my material collection. While there are many available, finding the exact one you are looking for can be challenging!

Freebies for SLPs

Below is a list of some great freebies (by theme!):


/s/ Soccer Speech and Language Activities

/r/ Caramel Apples

/s/ Caramel Apples

/l/ Caramel Apples

Vocalic /r/ Cards

/p, b, m, n/ Early Sounds Bingo

/k/ Cookie Game

/r, s, l/ Eskimo Articulation

/r, l, w/ Articulation Bugs

/k, g, s/ Articulation Bugs

/f/ and s-blends Articulation Bugs

/p, b, k, g/ Valentine’s Day Articulation for Preschool

/r, s, l, k/ Hungry Hippos Artic

/g/ Button Articulation

/k/ Button Articulation

Phonological Awareness:

Drop Plop Phonological Awareness Game:

Valentine’s Day Beginning and Ending Sound Activity

Spring Clap the Syllables


Bucket Filler Starter Kit

Lego Themed Reinforcer

Star Wars Themed Reinforcer

Football Reinforcer

Triple Scoops Ice Cream Reinforcer

Winter Themed Game Boards

BOOM! Reinforcing Card Game

Turkey Themed Roll and Color

Monster Eye Themed Reinforcer

Parts of Speech

Mitten Matching: Antonyms, Synonyms, and Contractions

Swimming with Synonyms

Bugged Out Antonyms

Irregular Past Tense Snowman Match Up

Ocean Waves Sentence Sort for Helping Verbs

Ice Cream Sentences

Pick A Dot Pronouns

Heart Train Multiple Meaning Words

Sweet Homophones

Rain Kids Verb Synonyms


Snowy Speech and Language Activities

Listening For Details: Martin Luther King Jr Day

Literacy Centers for Martin Luther King Jr

Valentine’s Day Open Ended Board Game

St. Patricks Day Jackpot

St. Patricks Day Descriptive Game

St. Patricks Day Singular vs Plural

Shamrock Word Families

New Year’s Eve Resolution Race

Twas the Night Before Christmas Fill-ins

Valentines Day Barrier Games


iPod Categories

Cut and Glue Categories

Going Bananas for Categories

Ice Cream Categories


Literacy Center Activities for Spring/Plants/Flowers

Book Lists By Speech Sound Handouts

Who? Question Cards

When Life Gives You Lemons Rhyming

Double Dip Rhymes

Conversation Starter Cards

Conversation Starter Hearts

Alphabet Categories Naming Task

Quarterback Questions Comprehension

Drop the Chicken Figurative Language

Facts vs Opinions Sort

Everything is free at the store below:

Speechie Freebies is a blog dedicated to finding free materials for SLPs:

All of my freebies can be seen below:

Hope this was helpful for you and you found some new stores to follow! There are so many amazing people out there willing to share their creativity and talent for free! If you like their freebies, check out their stores! Stock up on some wonderful, creative resources and support these incredible TpT sellers!

Any others I’m missing?

Let me know if any are no longer free so I can remove them 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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**This post was updated on 03/12/2013

Cash Cab Part Two: Receptive Language

Hopefully most of you saw my previous post about my Cash Cab Expressive Language Packet.

This packet is part 2 of that! It contains Cash Cab themed activities for targeting receptive language. You can find it in my TpT Store here.


It is 83 pages long and contains 336 game cards targeting:

Comprehension (Listening or Reading)
Following Directions (Basic, Temporal, Conditional)
Sorting into Categories
Auditory Memory (2-4 words)

The packet also includes:
One Group Game Board
Individual Game Strips
Cash Cab Money Earning Score Sheets
Foil Cards
Shout Out! Cards
Game instructions for three ways to play
1 Set of Blank Cards
1 Set of Blank Red Light Challenge! Cards

Again, this game can be used all together or with only the sections you want/need to target!

Sample pictures can be seen below:







Check it out in my TpT Store here.

Thank you 🙂

Cash Cab Expressive Language!

Yay for new materials! I love Cash Cab so much. A while ago I used to work for a daycare and we took field trips every day! That meant bussing around 14 kids in my big, white van each afternoon.

A month into the summer, I began playing Cash Cab with my kids in the van. I’d prepare a huge list of questions and pretend I was Ben, the driver, from Cash Cab. They all got really into it and it decreased the backseat naughtiness substantially!

So now I’ve created an expressive language packet with a Cash Cab theme! You can find it here.


This is a fun packet targeting a variety of expressive language skills! It is a whopping 95 pages long and contains over 400 game cards targeting:

Naming Items Within A Category (Red Light Challenge! Cards)
Naming Function
Describing A Word
Word Finding
Comparing and Contrasting Two Words
Creating WH Questions
Describing A Process (How Questions)
Multiple Meaning Words

The packet also includes:
One Group Game Board
Individual Game Strips
Cash Cab Money Earning Score Sheets
Foil Cards
Shout Out! Cards
Describing Things Visual
Game instructions for three ways to play
1 Set of Blank Cards

This game allows for a variety of ways to play! You can play with all of the skill decks, or only use some!

See sample pictures below:


If you need more materials targeting some of those skills, check the packet out in my TpT Store here.

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Say It! Trains for Apraxia

I am so excited for this packet! It took a LONG time but in the end, I love how it turned out and I cannot wait to use it.

Say It! Trains Apraxia

This 41-page packet is intended for use with students with apraxia. But, it can also be used for those with severe articulation deficits or those with phonological awareness goals.

The consonant sounds /b, m, p, t, d, h, n, w, s, k, g, y, z/ are included. In addition, a wide variety of vowels are targeted as well!

For each of the sounds above (including vowels) there is a card included. These cards can be used to help your students isolate each sound in a word and cue themselves. For example, on the ‘B’ card there is a picture of a ball. On the bottom of the card it says, “Buh, buh, buh like the sound of a ball bouncing” to help you think of great ways for your students to remember the sound! (see the example page below)


Two games/activities are included. The first has the student build a word using sounds. See a page of words in the picture below. Words were chosen to reflect a wide variety of vowels sound with all of the consonants listed above! There are 207 word cards included!


You can also build the word yourself and have the student focus on the articulation of each sound.


The second game targets nonsense CV syllables.


Reinforcement cards and mats are included as well.

Visual cue cards are included. These help students that benefit from placement cues. One is left blank so you can customize it with your own cues if desired!

Visual Cues


If that looks like a product that might help you in your speech room, check it out in my TpT Store here.

Thank you!

Following Directions Action Game

This game is intended for elementary aged students! It targets following directions in a fun game that allows your students to get active and have fun! You can find it in my TpT Store here.

Following Directions Preview

To Play:
Decide who goes first. Have that student flip over one card at a time (pink, then orange, then blue). When all three are flipped over and put on the mat, they should complete the action with the correct prop. If they do the sequence correctly, they return their cards to the bottom of the deck.
If they get an OOPS! card, their turn is over. They should return the cards to the bottom of the deck.

Pink Cards = An action

Action Cards

Orange Cards = An object

Object Cards

Blue Cards = Where to put the object (on their body) or who to do the action with

Where? Cards

There is a mat included!

Sorting Mat

If this looks like something you could use in your speech room, check it out in my TpT Store here. THANK YOU!

Information Sheets for SLP Graduate School

I always secretly feel kind of bad for the families at our clinic in the beginning of the semester. They need to adjust each semester to a new graduate clinician and sometimes even a new time, day, or supervisor. In order to help each family I work with, I created THREE handouts perfect for any and all graduate students in an SLP program! They could even be customized for new SLPs in a school or clinical setting as well! I should also mention that all three of these documents are FREE. Enjoy!

1) Given on the first day of clinic!

Clinical Handout 1

I’ve found that this one helps so the family can stick it to the fridge and have a easy visual for phone numbers, contact information, and dates regarding the beginning and of the semester (because we all know it rarely coincides with their children’s school schedules!!). I think it’s also helpful to give them extra copies in case grandma or a neighbor needs to bring the kiddo a day or two! They can easily handout a copy to those people who will then have an address for their GPS, and the times, etc…

The download for this handout can be found at my TPT Store here.

2) Given after your goals have been set!

Graduate School Clinic Handout 2

I’ve found that both client’s and parents are interested to know the specific goals they/their child is working on in speech! But, sometimes our LONG Treatment Plan of Care documents are overwhelming, too clinical, and don’t give succinct information on what they can be doing at home to help with carryover and generalization! This document outlines the goals the client will be working on during the semester, and easy things they can do at home to help with progress!

You can download this file in my TpT Store here.

3) Given at the very end of the semester!

End of the Semester Clinical Handout

Similarly to the second documents, parents are often given paperwork at the end of the semester. Again, this paperwork is long, clinical, and not as helpful as we’d all like to think! This document could be filled in with the goals the client had for the semester, their progress, and what they can do over the break to continue to maintain that progress!

This last document can be found in my TpT Store here.

All of the files are in their original powerpoint format so all boxes can be edited for your personal specifications! Hope you and your clients find these helpful!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at! Thank you 🙂

Scholastic Read-Aloud Anthology Book Companion Packet

For older kids!!

Due to the feedback I received on Facebook, I created a packet that was intended for older kids &  middle schoolers. It is available here.


This packet is meant to be used in conjunction with the Scholastic Read-Aloud Anthology. This book will need to be purchased separately and does not come with this purchase!

This packet is 32-pages long and contains printable worksheets for FIVE of the stories in the Read-Aloud Anthology.

Some of the activities included target…
-Story Comprehension
-Story Sequencing
-Discussion Questions
-Critical Thinking
-Vocabulary Development

All of the worksheets utilize no (or minimal) clipart so these would be appropriate for older students including those in middle school who are working on these reading skills.

The stories that these activities are based on tend to be around 3-4 pages long (in a tall, large book!). See sample pictures below:










If this seems like something you might use, check it out in my TpT Store here.

Thank you!

Chain Letter Link Up

I was fortunate enough to get interviewed by [simply speech] for the chain letter link up! You can read that post here.

Afterwards, I got into contact with Lauren from Busy Bee Speech and Felice from The Dabbling Speechie. You can read their responses below:


1. Your name, email, and TpT store if you have one. If not, feel free to leave me your blog link.
Name: Lauren LaCour
2. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging around the beginning of October.  Honestly, the main reason I started blogging was to distract me from some personal situations I had going on in my life.  I was also creating materials for myself and thought, why not share?!  It’s so great connecting with other SLPs and getting new ideas.  Y’all definitely push me to be a better therapist!  🙂
3. What is your favorite population to work with?
I love working with my preschoolers.  It’s amazing watching that language light bulb click on in their little brains, and it’s so cute how excited they get when they finally say that word correctly.  They are usually ready and eager to try new things and play whatever new game I have for them.  These kids have my heart.  🙂
4. How much time per week do you spend blogging and/or creating materials?
On a typical week I probably spend about 15 or more hours on blogging and creating materials.  I like to take my time and really think through the materials I make.  I even research a lot when needed.  If someone else is going to buy or use a product from me, I want it to be worth it and useful in therapy.  
5. What’s your favorite topic to create materials for?
My favorite topics to make materials are probably preschool and fluency.  It’s pretty easy to find cute clipart for preschool.    It gets a little more difficult finding motivating pictures for older kids (that aren’t just from google images).  Fluency is another one of my favorite populations to work with and make materials for.  I like researching effective techniques and activities that I can make into fun games for my stutterers. Plus, there isn’t that many materials out there for these kiddos.
6. What’s the best thing about blogging?
One of the best things about blogging for me is hearing how much your kids like some of my activities or ideas!  It’s so cool thinking about something I’ve created being used in another part of the country or even another part of the world.  The network of SLPs out there is so positive and encouraging.  It makes me want to keep at it!  
7. Do you have any blogging tips?
Blog for the right reasons and have fun with it!  As much as I love all of the feedback and Facebook “likes” and sweet comments (you have no idea how much it means!), I don’t do this for you.  I do this for your kids.  If even one of my materials or ideas helps a student out there to be a better communicator, then I’ve succeeded.  If an activity of mine motivates a student to learn or try harder, I’ve done my job.  I don’t want to fuss over my number of pageviews or always beg for likes on my Facebook page (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that!).  I just don’t want that to be what I’m about.  So, no need to constantly babysit your blog.  Just have fun!  🙂 
8. Add a question and answer of your choice (can be speech related or not).
What are some of your other hobbies?  Apart from blogging and making materials, I love reading and crafting.  Big, fat novels are my favorite, although I don’t get to read as much as I’d like to.  Theology books are a must for me too.  I also make wreaths and other crafts all the time.  If I’m not on my laptop blogging, you can find me with a book or glue gun in hand.  
1. Your name, email, and TpT store if you have one. If not, feel free to
leave me your blog link.

Felice Clark.

2. When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging at the beginning of October. It has been a
little over a year since I lost my Dad and about 6 months since I lost
my Uncle.  I was contemplating the idea of starting a blog about
speech therapy, but could never get things moving.  At my Uncle’s
memorial service, a quote was shared by Mark Twain that my Uncle
loved.  “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the
things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the
bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in
your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  That stuck with me, so I
decided to explore, dream and discover what the blogging world would
bring me.

3. What is your favorite population to work with?

I love working with students on the autism spectrum
especially students with PPD and asperger’s.  I loved my junior high
and high school students and helping them navigate the complex social
scenarios they encounter everyday.

4. How much time per week do you spend blogging and/or creating materials?

It ranges from week to week, but on average 4-5 hours.  I
try to spend 20 minutes a day at work or use my prep time on
Wednesdays to create materials.

5.  What’s your favorite topic to create materials for?

I have fun creating games that can go with any speech or
language target.  I love creating materials for social skills and
teaching language comprehension.

6.  What’s the best thing about blogging?

It has been an awesome experience to meet and chat with
other bloggers via email.  I would never have been connected with
other speechies from around the country had I not started blogging.
Starting this blog has helped me to keep therapy fun and discover more
creative therapy ideas to use and share with all my colleagues.

7.Do you have any blogging tips?
Come up with a theme and name before you begin.  Make sure
you are ready to invest extra time to keep up the blog.  Having a
notebook to jot down blog post ideas is also helpful.  Also, pace
yourself and set goals to help you not get overwhelmed with keeping up
with your site.

8.  What got you into speech therapy?
I had a friend who’s mom was a speech therapist.  I
interviewed her as part of a science assignment and that got me
curious about the field.  I decided to major in speech therapy not
really knowing what I wanted to do, but thought this field of work
sounded cool.  Once I started the program, I loved it and continued
forward!  Looking back, it was evident that God had my back and knew
what he wanted me to pursue for a career before even I did.

Definitely go on over to both of their blogs and read, read, read! I spent some time reading them and they are both really amazing bloggers!

Thanks for reading!