Say It! Trains for Apraxia

I am so excited for this packet! It took a LONG time but in the end, I love how it turned out and I cannot wait to use it.

Say It! Trains Apraxia

This 41-page packet is intended for use with students with apraxia. But, it can also be used for those with severe articulation deficits or those with phonological awareness goals.

The consonant sounds /b, m, p, t, d, h, n, w, s, k, g, y, z/ are included. In addition, a wide variety of vowels are targeted as well!

For each of the sounds above (including vowels) there is a card included. These cards can be used to help your students isolate each sound in a word and cue themselves. For example, on the ‘B’ card there is a picture of a ball. On the bottom of the card it says, “Buh, buh, buh like the sound of a ball bouncing” to help you think of great ways for your students to remember the sound! (see the example page below)


Two games/activities are included. The first has the student build a word using sounds. See a page of words in the picture below. Words were chosen to reflect a wide variety of vowels sound with all of the consonants listed above! There are 207 word cards included!


You can also build the word yourself and have the student focus on the articulation of each sound.


The second game targets nonsense CV syllables.


Reinforcement cards and mats are included as well.

Visual cue cards are included. These help students that benefit from placement cues. One is left blank so you can customize it with your own cues if desired!

Visual Cues


If that looks like a product that might help you in your speech room, check it out in my TpT Store here.

Thank you!

The award for my favorite app so far is….

Story Creator!! I will preface by saying that I am a new iPad owner, and a poor graduate student who doesn’t buy apps! But, I think that only makes me a better critic! 😉

photo (4)

Story Creator is an app that allows you to create storybooks using photos, videos, text, and audio. It is easy to use, and also flexible enough that I have used it with every client I have this semester!

For my articulation client, I created books using his articulation words.

This is the view once you click on a book. From here you can add a new page, add a picture, add text, or record speech. You can also color over the page!

How I use this app:

Articulation: This should be fairly obvious, but I download pictures from Google Images using another free! app (Image Search). I put the pictures into articulation books. For example, I have a /w/ words book and a /w/ phrases book. During therapy, the client and I take turns recording our speech. We listen back to see if we can hear the target sound! My client loves hearing himself, as well as coloring over the pictures! This is a good way to elicit sentence level productions also.

Aphasia/Apraxia: I use this app 2 ways for my client with aphasia and apraxia. He has an iPad so I downloaded it for him. Each session, I program in words and phrases he can use for home practice and carryover. I record my voice saying each word. He loves that we can personalize all of the phrases (when compared to other apps that do that same thing)! I also use the app in therapy by programming in carrier phrases and allowing the client to page through them and choose an appropriate one.

Language Disorders: For my third client, I’ve created books targeting specific language components. For example, I created a book with funny pictures targeting adjectives. It is a good place to put all of those Pinterest pictures you’ve been stockpiling!

Hopefully you find this app as useful as I do! I love that is is free and so versatile.