Articulation Deck of Cards for K & G

Here is another versatile, deck of cards with articulation words for K and G. They include pictures so you can use them with readers AND nonreaders!



You can see sample cards below:


If this looks like something you could use in your speech room, you can find it here in my TpT Store.

If you are interested in cards for L, click here.

If you are interested in cards for S & Z, click here.

Thank you!


Articulation Deck of Cards for L

Hopefully you all saw my last post about the deck of cards for S & Z. If not, check it out here!

I’ve done the same thing, for L in all positions.


You can see sample cards below:


I love using these for War, although games like Memory, Go Fish, or anything you can play with a deck of cards would be fun as well!

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My Favorite FREE TpT Downloads

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**Warning: This is a LONG post!

Most of you know that I’m a poor graduate student. So I rely on some of the amazing, FREE downloads available on TpT to supplement my material collection. While there are many available, finding the exact one you are looking for can be challenging!

Freebies for SLPs

Below is a list of some great freebies (by theme!):


/s/ Soccer Speech and Language Activities

/r/ Caramel Apples

/s/ Caramel Apples

/l/ Caramel Apples

Vocalic /r/ Cards

/p, b, m, n/ Early Sounds Bingo

/k/ Cookie Game

/r, s, l/ Eskimo Articulation

/r, l, w/ Articulation Bugs

/k, g, s/ Articulation Bugs

/f/ and s-blends Articulation Bugs

/p, b, k, g/ Valentine’s Day Articulation for Preschool

/r, s, l, k/ Hungry Hippos Artic

/g/ Button Articulation

/k/ Button Articulation

Phonological Awareness:

Drop Plop Phonological Awareness Game:

Valentine’s Day Beginning and Ending Sound Activity

Spring Clap the Syllables


Bucket Filler Starter Kit

Lego Themed Reinforcer

Star Wars Themed Reinforcer

Football Reinforcer

Triple Scoops Ice Cream Reinforcer

Winter Themed Game Boards

BOOM! Reinforcing Card Game

Turkey Themed Roll and Color

Monster Eye Themed Reinforcer

Parts of Speech

Mitten Matching: Antonyms, Synonyms, and Contractions

Swimming with Synonyms

Bugged Out Antonyms

Irregular Past Tense Snowman Match Up

Ocean Waves Sentence Sort for Helping Verbs

Ice Cream Sentences

Pick A Dot Pronouns

Heart Train Multiple Meaning Words

Sweet Homophones

Rain Kids Verb Synonyms


Snowy Speech and Language Activities

Listening For Details: Martin Luther King Jr Day

Literacy Centers for Martin Luther King Jr

Valentine’s Day Open Ended Board Game

St. Patricks Day Jackpot

St. Patricks Day Descriptive Game

St. Patricks Day Singular vs Plural

Shamrock Word Families

New Year’s Eve Resolution Race

Twas the Night Before Christmas Fill-ins

Valentines Day Barrier Games


iPod Categories

Cut and Glue Categories

Going Bananas for Categories

Ice Cream Categories


Literacy Center Activities for Spring/Plants/Flowers

Book Lists By Speech Sound Handouts

Who? Question Cards

When Life Gives You Lemons Rhyming

Double Dip Rhymes

Conversation Starter Cards

Conversation Starter Hearts

Alphabet Categories Naming Task

Quarterback Questions Comprehension

Drop the Chicken Figurative Language

Facts vs Opinions Sort

Everything is free at the store below:

Speechie Freebies is a blog dedicated to finding free materials for SLPs:

All of my freebies can be seen below:

Hope this was helpful for you and you found some new stores to follow! There are so many amazing people out there willing to share their creativity and talent for free! If you like their freebies, check out their stores! Stock up on some wonderful, creative resources and support these incredible TpT sellers!

Any others I’m missing?

Let me know if any are no longer free so I can remove them 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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Book Lists for Later Developing Speech Sounds Freebie

I’ve uploaded a follow up to my first Book Lists by Speech Sounds document! It was after many requests for books for /r/ and blends! It is available as a freebie in my TPT Store here.

ImageIt contains….

2 pages (12 books) for /r/
1 page for /r/ blends
1 page for /l/ blends
2 pages for /s/ blends

Here is an example page:


Again, you can find it at the link below:

Enjoy! 🙂

Books by Speech Sound Handouts Freebie

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I know I said I’d be traveling, but I just couldn’t wait! I LOVE looking at children’s books and coming up with creative ways to use them in therapy. Parents have also asked me how they can begin carryover at home for articulation goals.

So.. I created half sheet handouts organized by speech sound. These would be perfect to send home with articulation homework! Here is the description from my TPT store.


This 22 page file contains printable half sheets that recommend books by speech sound.

It contains 6 books each for b, d, f, g, h, k, l, m, n, p, sh, t, th (2), v, w, and dʒ.

It’s free and could be used as a reference for teachers, SLPs, reading specialists, or for parents!



If you download it, please leave feedback!

So there you have it! Go on over to my TPT store and download it! Let me know what you think! If you are interested in staying up to date on freebies, giveaways, and new posts, ‘like’ me on Facebook here.

**Edit: I created another book list document for later developing speech sounds including blends and /r/. It is available for FREE in my TPT Store here.

More Articulation Packets!

Anybody working on t, d, or n??? 

I’ve made up a new homework packet for those sounds!! It is available in my TPT Store here








I promise I’ll have some more interesting blog posts in a week or so! 🙂 I’ll be homebound for the next couple of days, and then I’m getting my wisdom teeth out! But… I will be back! And I promise some informative posts then. 

Thank you for reading, and for your support. 

Articulation Homework Packets

I’ve posted a new material in my TPT store! It seems like I can never find enough homework for my artic clients so I decided to make my own.

artic cover

Here is the description:

This 84-page packet includes cut and glue crafts, worksheets, and homework activities for b, p, m, and w in the initial position.
Worksheets are appropriate for a variety of ages (3-12) and increase in difficulty throughout each sound section.
Activities range in difficulty from circling pictures to writing sentences.

artic page 2

Articulation Homework

Articulation Homework

If that looks like something you’re interested in, head on over to my TPT store! I’ll hopefully be uploading the same thing for additional sounds tomorrow 🙂

**Update: The f, v, and th packet is available now here.

A Semester of Articulation Therapy Ideas

As my semester wraps up, I’ve started compiling ideas that I’ve used thus far! One of my clients was a very young artic client. He was incredibly cooperative and wonderful, so I got the chance to try out all sorts of activities and games on him. Here are some ideas that worked really well for us this semester:

1) Wham!      Wham! was the hit of the semester. It is a really easy, basic game. I used the articulation cards from Mommy Speech Therapy and printed off a bunch of these Wham! cards. I laminated all of it and put them mixed together in an old container.

Container Pic

My client and I took turns back and forth picking a card from the container. If he produced it correctly, he could keep it. If not, he put it back to try again! If either of us picked a Wham! card, we put it aside and put away x number of our articulation cards. The one who has the most cards when the container runs out wins! Easy, right?

Wham! Pic

We finished most sessions by playing Wham! so that we could collect the cards needed for the game throughout the session. For example, I made this caterpillar from Testy Yet Trying. I put velcro on each circle and a velcro piece on each articulation card. During therapy, I fill up the caterpillar and my client needs to say each word correctly to remove it from the caterpillar and add it to the Wham! container.


I also made a simple paper dice from cardstock for the same concept. I put velcro on each square and we needed to get each articulation card off to fill the bucket for Wham!.

Dice Pic

2) Searching for things   My clients favorite was doing the Bug Hunt from Let’s Talk Speech Language Pathology. I taped them up around the room and we either looked for them in the dark with a flashlight, or in the light and swatted them with flyswatter! Oftentimes, I used the same articulation flashcards as I used in Wham! so he collected the cards for Wham! off of the bugs as well.

Bug Hunt

I love hiding themed items with articulation words on them as well. Very unoriginal stuff over here… but, for fall, I hid paper leaves with articulation pictures on them. My client went around the clinic to find them all, and then glued them onto an empty tree.

My last ‘hidden things’ idea was to put articulation cards on top of small cups and hide a few stickers beneath random cups. My client was prompted to say, “Is it under the _____?” before picking up each cup. This is how I began practicing the words in phrases and sentences. We both took turns going back and forth to see who could collect the most stickers!

Cups Pic

3) iPad Games    While we didn’t do this much because my client honestly wasn’t that into it… I do still have some favorite articulation apps! My all time favorite is Articulation Scenes by Smarty Apps. I’ll do a full review on it another time, but for now, if you’re in the market for an awesome articulation app, I’d recommend it. I also used Story Creator for making word level and phrase level books. You can read my earlier blog post on this app here. iPad games are also great to check for generalization and carryover.

4) Cariboo   This game is so wonderful. The first time I played it with one of my client’s we played it five times in a row. And he still asked for more! You can read my blog post devoted to this game here. I just recently found another copy and snatched it!

Another thing to always keep in mind, is ORGANIZATION. It’s one of my favorite things… and I’m not kidding! In order to keep all of these fabulous articulation cards organized and ready to be played with, I came up with an organized, kid-friendly way to store them all.

binder pic

Because all of the cards are laminated with velcro on the back, I velcro them onto colored cardstock. These sheets of cardstock are alphabetized and organized by initial, medial, and final position. If I ever need a set for a certain kid, I pull that page out and bring it to therapy. The kids I’ve done this with are responsible for making sure all of the cards get stuck back onto their respective sheets of cardstock by the end of the day. Having the kids put the cards away is a great activity for phonemic awareness as well! “Does the ‘car’ need to go with the /k/ page, or the /s/ page?”. Win-win!

I hope some of these ideas were helpful for you! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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I finally found it! I’ve been searching since I read about it at Speech Room News here.

One way to make it easy to adapt Cariboo for articulation therapy is to insert the cards found on Mommy Speech Therapy. There, you can click on most any articulation sound and get a page of Boardmaker pictures containing that sound. Most sounds have initial, medial, and final position provided on the website!

If you print the artic cards and laminate them, they are the perfect size to fit in the slots for Cariboo!


As you can see, my client was working on /k/ in the initial and final position.

To play, you pick a card (provided with the game). Each card has a color, number, letter, or shape on it. You need to match the card to one of the articulation pictures on one of the doors. Then, use the purple key to open the door and try to collect all of the bouncy balls! One you find all of them and slide them down the tube on the right, the treasure chest pops open! I’ve used it a couple times in therapy so far, but many of my classmates have already borrowed it as well! It’s definitely worth the $3 if you can pick one up at a thrift store!

Cookie Articulation Game

Hi all,

Hope everybody is enjoying hump day! In order to celebrate nearing the end of my first semester, I’m posting a free articulation game! I made it for a current client of mine who is working on /k/. I sent it home as homework after he became familiar with it, and his mom tells me he loves playing it with his siblings!

Included is…

2 pages (18 words) of word initial /k/

2 pages of word medial /k/

2 pages of word final /k/

1 page of words/phrases with multiple k’s

2 pages of decoy cards (put cards away, pick extra, lose a turn)

You can find it in my TPT store here or at the link below:

If you download and use it, please feel free to email me with feedback! I would love to hear something, especially because this is my first shared material.

THANK YOU and have an amazing day! If you are interested in staying up to date on freebies, giveaways, and new posts, ‘like’ me on Facebook here.