Social Skills & Social Language Powerpoint

I have absolutely loved using my Phonemic Awareness Powerpoint, and decided to create a similar one targeting social skills and social language. So here it is! Or you can find it right away in my TpT Store here.

Social Skills Cover Picture

This product contains 133 slides in a Powerpoint format. This means no prep work, printing, laminating, or cutting for you!! Each answer on this Powerpoint also links to a feedback page letting your students know if they got the answer correct or incorrect!

It covers 5 topics related to social skills and social language:
Perspective Taking: 25 slides that provide a short scenario and ask, “How is she/he feeling?” and provides 3 single word choices.
Expected vs Unexpected Behaviors: 25 slides with a scenario and two choices. Either, “That was expected” or “That was not expected.” Read this great blog post about this for more information.
Kind vs Unkind Comments: 25 with a quote on them. Each slide has two choices: “Those words are kind” or “Those words are not kind.”
Making Comments: 25 slides with a short scenario and ask, “What is a comment you could make?” There are two choices for each scenario.
Asking Questions: 25 slides with a short scenario and ask, “What is a question you could ask?” There are two choices for each scenario.

There is a homepage so you can easily navigate to the specific topic you need!

Head on over to my TpT store here to download the preview to see an example page for each section! (Note: the preview doesn’t link the answers to a feedback page like the real packet does!)

Below are some sample pictures from the file:









Thank you! Again, if this seems like something you could use in your speech room, head over on over to my TpT store here and check it out!

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Let’s Talk! Conversation Game

I’m always looking for more materials that work on conversation! If you do too, read on! Maybe this packet is what you’re looking for!


Why this game?
It imitates natural conversation while providing a visual and something tangible to help visualize the flow of conversation!
It provides practice asking questions, making comments, taking turns, and having a conversation about a variety of topics!

What does this game include?
-2 pages of ‘conversation cards’ (i.e.: ask a question, make a comment, make 2 comments, make a comment then ask a question)
-36 conversation topic cards & 9 blank cards for customization

How do I play?
Make two piles of cards: one for orange cards, one for blue conversation topic cards.

Have the dealer shuffle 6 blue cards to each player and flip over one orange (topic) card.

The dealer goes first. He or she should lay down one of his blue cards. See key below for examples:

Comment: I love summer!
Question: What season do you like?
Two Comments: I love summer. My family always goes to the beach.
Comment + Question: I love going to the beach. Have you ever gone to the beach?

Play/conversation continues in a clockwise fashion. The next player should lay down a blue card and respond to the first player appropriately.

If a player gets stuck or responds inappropriately, they have to draw another blue card from the pile and their turn is over.

The first person to get rid of their hand wins!
(or just play for fun)

You can see some sample pictures below:



If this sounds like something you could use, head on over to my TpT Store here to check it out!

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Social Skills Groups: Ideas and a FREEBIE

This semester, I am co-running a social group for girls with ASD diagnosis’. I love it! In order to help attain some sort of a structure to session, I created a small 9-page packet. Here is what is included:


1) Being a leader and a helper reminder cards. This semester, we will be working on understanding what it means to be a ‘leader’ and a ‘helper’. Everybody, at some point in their lives, needs to understand how to do both. Nobody should ever always leader or always follow! So it is important for our kiddos to understand how to do both! At first, almost all kiddos are less than enthused when they are assigned the task of being a ‘helper’ for the day. But once most of them understood what to say and do to be a helper, they became much more comfortable. In my packet, there are the cards seen above. I laminate and give either a ‘leader’ or a ‘helper’ card to every child as they enter the room. You could also have them switch around the cards during different activities.


2) A different kind of reward system! Instead of using stickers or tangible rewards, I use things such as a dance party or the opportunity to have a ‘parade’. The great thing about working towards rewards such as these is that they also offer the opportunity for social communication throughout! For example, if they were to win a parade, they would need to work together as a group to plan the parade, etc… Win-win! In my packet, you will find a visual I use. Each day I hang it in the room to remind the girls of who is the leader and what everybody is working towards!


3) A rules list! This is how the girls earn their rewards! If I have to remind them twice (in a relatively short amount of time) about a rule, then one minute gets deducted from the time they get to spend with their reward activity. Feel free to make your own rules list if you want to add or remove some! (I also included a simple black and white one if colored ink is a concern!)

Conversation Cards

4) Conversational reminder cards. Sometimes, when people get excited we have a tendency to talk over one another instead of to one another. Our kiddos do the same thing, except they probably do it more often. I print these cards back to back so on one side it says, “I am talking” and on the other it says, “I am listening”. If the conversation seems chaotic or disorganized, I reminder everybody to ‘pause’ and look at their cards. They can all flip it over to the appropriate side and decide which ONE person is talking. Then, everybody else should be listening!

If any of those materials sound like they could be used in your speech room, head on over to my TpT store here for this FREE download! Enjoy!

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Conversation Phone Text Messages

This 15-page packet contains 81 cell phones cards that prompt your student to respond to a comment or question! Each comment or question looks like it is a text message from a specific person (mom, dad, friend, classmate, etc..).


There is an included visual mat that may help some students decide how to respond (with a comment, question, or response). It could also help get your students to explain why they responded a certain way.


Great for social skill or pragmatics goals!

Watch out for shattered screen cards!


If this looks like a product you could use in your speech room, check it out in my TpT Store here.


Monster Social Skills Packet

I’ve uploaded a new, exciting product to my TPT Store. It is a 73-page Monster Themed Social Skills Packet. You can find it at this link.



It contains the following:

Tone of Voice (choosing the appropriate tone of voice for 30 different phrases)
Conversation Starters (42 topics)
Taking Perspective (18 cards: what are they thinking/feeling?)
Making Comments (18 multiple choice, 18 open ended)
Idioms (24 idioms in sentences, 18 idiom only cards)
Good Words or Bad Words (2 sorting mats, 30 game cards)
Asking Questions (18 multiple choice, 18 open ended)
Self Reflection Forms (Conversation checklist, improvement form)
Group Interview Forms (Find somebody that… & interview form)

Blank cards are found after each individual activity.

Also includes foil game cards and monster themed reward tokens!

See sample pictures below:





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