Learning the Cranial Nerves!

Understanding the cranial nerves and their basic innervation is important for all SLPs. But if you’re like me, this type of learning does not come as easily as understanding topics such as child development or the latest trends in AAC.

Here are some GREAT resources for learning the cranial nerves:

Cranial Nerves Clock

1) A cut a glue cranial nerves clock made by yours truly. Download it here.

cranial nerves

2) An excel style chart outlining the nerve, fibers, innvervation, functions, and brainstem nucleus. Great reference! Find the link here.


3) A great memory tool. It turns the numbers of each cranial nerve into the part of the face it innervates. Find the picture here.

4) Pinterest. You can see my ‘References’ board here, which contains many cranial nerve charts & visuals.

Hopefully that helps get you motivated! Good luck!


My Favorite FREE TpT Downloads

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**Warning: This is a LONG post!

Most of you know that I’m a poor graduate student. So I rely on some of the amazing, FREE downloads available on TpT to supplement my material collection. While there are many available, finding the exact one you are looking for can be challenging!

Freebies for SLPs

Below is a list of some great freebies (by theme!):


/s/ Soccer Speech and Language Activities

/r/ Caramel Apples

/s/ Caramel Apples

/l/ Caramel Apples

Vocalic /r/ Cards

/p, b, m, n/ Early Sounds Bingo

/k/ Cookie Game

/r, s, l/ Eskimo Articulation

/r, l, w/ Articulation Bugs

/k, g, s/ Articulation Bugs

/f/ and s-blends Articulation Bugs

/p, b, k, g/ Valentine’s Day Articulation for Preschool

/r, s, l, k/ Hungry Hippos Artic

/g/ Button Articulation

/k/ Button Articulation

Phonological Awareness:

Drop Plop Phonological Awareness Game:

Valentine’s Day Beginning and Ending Sound Activity

Spring Clap the Syllables


Bucket Filler Starter Kit

Lego Themed Reinforcer

Star Wars Themed Reinforcer

Football Reinforcer

Triple Scoops Ice Cream Reinforcer

Winter Themed Game Boards

BOOM! Reinforcing Card Game

Turkey Themed Roll and Color

Monster Eye Themed Reinforcer

Parts of Speech

Mitten Matching: Antonyms, Synonyms, and Contractions

Swimming with Synonyms

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Irregular Past Tense Snowman Match Up

Ocean Waves Sentence Sort for Helping Verbs

Ice Cream Sentences

Pick A Dot Pronouns

Heart Train Multiple Meaning Words

Sweet Homophones

Rain Kids Verb Synonyms


Snowy Speech and Language Activities

Listening For Details: Martin Luther King Jr Day

Literacy Centers for Martin Luther King Jr

Valentine’s Day Open Ended Board Game

St. Patricks Day Jackpot

St. Patricks Day Descriptive Game

St. Patricks Day Singular vs Plural

Shamrock Word Families

New Year’s Eve Resolution Race

Twas the Night Before Christmas Fill-ins

Valentines Day Barrier Games


iPod Categories

Cut and Glue Categories

Going Bananas for Categories

Ice Cream Categories


Literacy Center Activities for Spring/Plants/Flowers

Book Lists By Speech Sound Handouts

Who? Question Cards

When Life Gives You Lemons Rhyming

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Conversation Starter Cards

Conversation Starter Hearts

Alphabet Categories Naming Task

Quarterback Questions Comprehension

Drop the Chicken Figurative Language

Facts vs Opinions Sort

Everything is free at the store below:


Speechie Freebies is a blog dedicated to finding free materials for SLPs:


All of my freebies can be seen below:


Hope this was helpful for you and you found some new stores to follow! There are so many amazing people out there willing to share their creativity and talent for free! If you like their freebies, check out their stores! Stock up on some wonderful, creative resources and support these incredible TpT sellers!

Any others I’m missing?

Let me know if any are no longer free so I can remove them 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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Information Sheets for SLP Graduate School

I always secretly feel kind of bad for the families at our clinic in the beginning of the semester. They need to adjust each semester to a new graduate clinician and sometimes even a new time, day, or supervisor. In order to help each family I work with, I created THREE handouts perfect for any and all graduate students in an SLP program! They could even be customized for new SLPs in a school or clinical setting as well! I should also mention that all three of these documents are FREE. Enjoy!

1) Given on the first day of clinic!

Clinical Handout 1

I’ve found that this one helps so the family can stick it to the fridge and have a easy visual for phone numbers, contact information, and dates regarding the beginning and of the semester (because we all know it rarely coincides with their children’s school schedules!!). I think it’s also helpful to give them extra copies in case grandma or a neighbor needs to bring the kiddo a day or two! They can easily handout a copy to those people who will then have an address for their GPS, and the times, etc…

The download for this handout can be found at my TPT Store here.

2) Given after your goals have been set!

Graduate School Clinic Handout 2

I’ve found that both client’s and parents are interested to know the specific goals they/their child is working on in speech! But, sometimes our LONG Treatment Plan of Care documents are overwhelming, too clinical, and don’t give succinct information on what they can be doing at home to help with carryover and generalization! This document outlines the goals the client will be working on during the semester, and easy things they can do at home to help with progress!

You can download this file in my TpT Store here.

3) Given at the very end of the semester!

End of the Semester Clinical Handout

Similarly to the second documents, parents are often given paperwork at the end of the semester. Again, this paperwork is long, clinical, and not as helpful as we’d all like to think! This document could be filled in with the goals the client had for the semester, their progress, and what they can do over the break to continue to maintain that progress!

This last document can be found in my TpT Store here.

All of the files are in their original powerpoint format so all boxes can be edited for your personal specifications! Hope you and your clients find these helpful!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at speechymusings@gmail.com! Thank you 🙂

My Favorite Online Resources (by diagnosis) Part I

At the beginning of last semester, when I got my first clients, I panicked. I probably spent several hours for each client searching the internet for information on their diagnosis! While there are places online with resources by diagnosis, they were often too general, unrelated to speech & language, or they only took me to other websites. I was looking for articles and resources filled with evidence based practice and specific information regarding the diagnosis, it’s link to speech & language development, and hints/tips on what to actually do! So, I hope this blog post will be helpful for those of you like me.


**Note: Due to the overwhelming amount of information on a vast number of disorders, I limited this post to disorders primarily affecting children. I’ll do a post in the future regarding adults!

General (START HERE!!)

ASHA’s Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Speech-Language Pathology (this resource contains ASHA’s policy’s on assessment, intervention, and screening for a variety of ages and diagnosis’)

Fragile X

A Lesson Planning Guide: 157 pages and super informative on all aspects of working with students with Fragile X

Fragile X Syndrome Speech & Language

Voice Disorders


Voice Disorders Basics

Down Syndrome

Speech & Language Therapy for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children

Speech & Language Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome

Selective Mutism

ASHA Overview on Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism and the SLP in the Schools

Selective Mutism Resources


Benefits of SLP Services for Stuttering

List of Internet Resources for Working with Children Who Stutter

Speech Sound Disorders

ASHA’s Overview on Speech Sound Disorders

Evidence Based Practice in Speech Sound Disorders Powerpoint

Speech Sound Development Chart

The Process of Articulation Therapy

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

ASHA’s Overview on Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Apraxia of Speech Resource Guide (Basics)

CAS Resource Library

Cerebral Palsy

EBP for Young Children (0-3) with Cerebral Palsy

CDC’s Cerebral Palsy Information & Resources

Hearing Loss

ASHA’s Information On Hearing Loss

Effects of Hearing Loss on Development


ASHA’s Autism Basics

Articles Including Information on Echolalia and Natural Language Acquisition


How The Brain Thinks In Autism

Executive Function Disorder

A page of resources from Cognitive Connections

PediaStaff also has a clickable resource organized by diagnosis and also by therapy type. While this website can be overwhelming, I found some of this information helpful in my quest. The link for that is here.

Hopefully some of these links were helpful! These are my personal favorites 🙂 If you see any missing diagnosis’ that you need information on, or if you know of any other great resources that should be added, let me know!! Thanks for your support and feel free to email me at speechymusings@gmail.com.

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